Our proprietary PodWeaver (TM) technology utilizes the latest in Predictive Entertainment Assessment Systems (PEAS). The PEAS intelligently identifies segments of our simultaneously airing, high quality, programming that our data analysts assure us listener will love, and then dynamically weaves these segments into one convenient podular broadcast, or "podcast." New podular broadcasts are podwoven the last Monday of every month!




Here at PBNR, our motto is news and information you can trust, without the bias or spin. On a completely unrelated note, it is very impotant that you click on and buy stuff from all of our corporate sponsors as soon as possible. Like, right now. Do it. It's not like our entire operation is wholly dependent upon you spending money on products that advertise on our programs or anything...You know you want to click that big red button that says "buy stuff". It's OK. Just give in. All they want is your credit card number. Is that too much to ask?


Besides advertisements from our sponsors, our network has another element that's almost as important. That's right, it's our shows! Interested in current events ? Check out Weekend Intrigue! Is clinging to an arrested adolescent preoccupation with games more your thing? No problem! Free to Playground's the show for you. Are you an insomniac who enjoys the sound of your own voice? Then don't miss the Tim Talk Show! According to our demographic marketing researchers, we have a little bit of something for everyone.