Episode 5: The Trumpisode

In this Trumpisode, alright, PodWeaver welcomes their new owner and overlord, Donald J Trump, ok? Great overlord, seriously, you can ask anybody, they'll tell you. Anyway,  this podcast will tell the American people his story, ok? Which is fabulous, by the way. As well as offer some powerful anti-drug messages to the kids. Because, the kids, right? Kids these days, they love me, they really do. And they are the future, ok? Seriously. And with me as president, we'll start winning, alright? Winning for the kids. We'll win so much, our kids will lose on purpose as an act of rebellion, trust me, ok?

Episode 3: Stick Up!

In this episode, radio history unfolds before your ears as Weekend Intrigue is usurped from, then resurped by Twillings Cole, then get some diagnosis dialog on Med-Talk with Snip and Snack, the Vappet Brothers, and don’t miss our audio-only video game play-thru on Some Nameless Pod Nobody Cares About!

Episode 2: X-Mas Delight

In this episode, local affiliate pod WNRA covers the Elkton City X-Mas Parade, get some winter wine tips on the Sommeli-hour, and local news exploiter Gerald Wallace returns to inform you about new controversies you may not realize you should be upset about on Investigate Ambush.

Episode 1: Podcross

In this episode, Tim gets possessed by an Oni and crashes the Tim Talk Show-pod into another, local news exploiter Gerald Wallace keeps you up-to-date and as terrified as possible on Investigate Ambush, Twillings Cole discovers the truth of TimeCube on Weekend Intrigue, and Sean tries to review Warframe with Cal on the Free to Playground!