My name is Sean Landis. I’m a professional software engineer, and aspiring game design.

Episode 1: Podcross

Episode 1: Podcross

In this episode, Tim gets possessed by an Oni and crashes the Tim Talk Show-pod into another, local news exploiter Gerald Wallace keeps you up-to-date and as terrified as possible on Investigate Ambush, Twillings Cole discovers the truth of TimeCube on Weekend Intrigue, and Sean tries to review Warframe with Cal on the Free to Playground!


  • Writers: Tim Wiggins, Nevin Zehr
  • Editors/Sound Designers: Sean Landis, Una Volkova
  • Voice Actors: Tim Wiggins, Sean Landis, Nevin Zehr, Una Volkova, Tabitha Masters
  • Guest Actors: Pat Kennedy, Jay Zehr
  • Episode Art: Sean Landis


Podcross, Part 1

Choose Your Own Adventure Bible

Investigative Ambush: Vaccines

Weekend Intrigue

  • Intro/Outro Music: Una Volkova.


Free to Playground

Podcross, Part 2

If you feel you have been credited incorrectly, please contact us at podweaver@gmail.com.

Episode 2: X-Mas Delight

Episode 2: X-Mas Delight