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Episode 2: X-Mas Delight

Episode 2: X-Mas Delight

In this episode, local affiliate pod WNRA covers the Elkton City X-Mas Parade, get some winter wine tips on the Sommeli-hour, and local news exploiter Gerald Wallace returns to inform you about new controversies you may not realize you should be upset about on Investigate Ambush.


  • Writers: Tim Wiggins, Nevin Zehr
  • Audio Editors/Sound Designers: Sean Landis, Una Volkova
  • Voice Actors: Tim Wiggins, Sean Landis, Una Volkova, Nevin Zehr, Tabitha Masters
  • Guest Actors: Victor Landis, Luke Holloran
  • Episode Art: Sean Landis


Al Donovan's Appliance Outlets and Trash Expo

Pageant, Part 1



Trip's X-Mas Address

Investigative Ambush: War on Christmas Terror

Pageant, Part 2

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