My name is Sean Landis. I’m a professional software engineer, and aspiring game design.

Episode 3: Stick Up!

Episode 3: Stick Up!

In this episode, radio history unfolds before your ears as Weekend Intrigue is usurped from, then resurped by Twillings Cole, then get some diagnosis dialog on Med-Talk with Snip and Snack, the Vappet Brothers, and don’t miss our audio-only video game play-thru on Some Nameless Pod Nobody Cares About!


  • Writers: Tim Wiggins, Nevin Zehr
  • Audio Editors/Sound Designers: Sean Landis, Una Volkova
  • Voice Actors: Una Volkova, Nevin Zehr, Tim Wiggins, Sean Landis
  • Episode Art: Sean Landis


Weekend Intrigue 2, Part 1

Cheesus Chrisps 1

Med Talk

Ji-Had Joe

Gall of Duty

Trip Wellwater Campaign Ad

Cheesus Chrisps 2

Weekend Intrigue 2, Part 2

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Episode IV: The Revengencing (Demastered Edition)

Episode IV: The Revengencing (Demastered Edition)

Episode 2: X-Mas Delight

Episode 2: X-Mas Delight