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Episode 5: The Trumpisode

Episode 5: The Trumpisode


In this Trumpisode, alright, PodWeaver welcomes their new owner and overlord, Donald J Trump, ok? Great overlord, seriously, you can ask anybody, they'll tell you. Anyway,  this podcast will tell the American people his story, ok? Which is fabulous, by the way. As well as offer some powerful anti-drug messages to the kids. Because, the kids, right? Kids these days, they love me, they really do. And they are the future, ok? Seriously. And with me as president, we'll start winning, alright? Winning for the kids. We'll win so much, our kids will lose on purpose as an act of rebellion, trust me, ok?

Patreon Heroes

  • Pat Kennedy


  • Writers: Tim Wiggins, Nevin Zehr, Sean Landis
  • Editors/Sound Designers: Sean Landis, Una Volkova
  • Voice Actors: Una Volkova, Nevin Zehr, Tim Wiggins, Sean Landis
  • Episode Art: Sean Landis


Trump Intro

Lil' Trump

The Project

Trump Transition

  • That Stupid Donald Trump Song used under Fair Use.

Trump’s Anti-Drug After School Special

Trump Outro

  • That Stupid Donald Trump Song used under Fair Use.

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Episode IV: The Revengencing (Demastered Edition)

Episode IV: The Revengencing (Demastered Edition)