Help Keep PodWeaver PodWeaving!

So, you've reached the important decision that you'd like to help support PodWeaver? That's fantastic news! Well, luckily, there are a number of different ways for you to do so!

1. Subscribe to the Podcast!

This is the easiest, but also the best way to support PodWeaver. Just open up iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcasting app and click the "Subscribe" button. Bam, done! Support received! You can also subscribe to our Mailing List to receive an email whenever a new episode is posted.

2. Spread the Love!

After subscribing, the second easiest/best way to support the show is to simply tell others about us! Tell your friends, family, strangers, and enemies to give us a listen! Or swipe their phone when they make a bathroom run and Subscribe to PodWeaver for them. I'm sure they'll thank you later!

3. Rate/Review PodWeaver!

If you've done the above 2 things and still want to help us out, why not rate and review us on iTunesStitcher, or your favorite podcasting app? 5-star ratings and informative reviews help immensely in spreading the visibility of PodWeaver!

4. Become a Patreon Patron!

Oh wow, you want to support us even more! Well PodWeaver is on Patreon! If you are not familiar with Patreon, it is a service to help support people producing creative work. You pledge an amount of money (any amount), and when we release a new episode, Patreon will bill you for your stated amount and send it to us. Don't worry, you won't be paying for stuff that doesn't exist yet. You will only be billed after we've already released the newest episode! Higher pledges will also receive fun bonus stuff as well. If you don't have the capital to become a patron, don't worry, all episodes will still be freely released on across all of our accounts. Think of this more as a continuing "Thank You."